Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about Barbados car rentals? We offer a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) (FAQ) of how to rent a car in Barbados.

If you wish to know anything else about how to get a drivers license in Barbados, or any additional questions please be sure to contact us and we will reply within 24 - 48 hours with answers to all of your questions.

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The price of gasoline is set by the Barbados Government and fluctuates up and down depending on the price of oil. The current price is BDS $ 3.82 per liter

There is only one grade of gasoline island wide so it makes it very easy for you. Also, all of our gas stations are full service so you don’t need to pump your own.
We deliver all cars with at least a quarter tank of gas and you return it the same way. If you return the vehicle with less gas than delivered you will be charged.
All of our vehicles come fully equipped with a spare tire, jack and wheel tools for changing a flat. The Auto Rescue telephone number is now 418-2277 or 230-4997. They will come and change the tire for you. Telephone us at 228-0682 and let us know what has happened as we need to arrange to collect the tire, get it fixed and return it to you.
First of all, if another party is involved, do not move the car. Next, you should telephone us at 228-0682, let us know if anyone is hurt or needs an ambulance and then telephone Auto Rescue at 418-2277 or 230-4997.
Unless it is sign posted otherwise, the speed limit island wide is 60 kph. There are some areas where 80 kph are allowed like parts of the ABC Highway or Spring Garden. Bridgetown’s speed limit is 30 kph.
Yes. We deliver to the airport or any part of the island between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm for free (except during peak times e.g. Christmas & Kadooment). After 5.30 pm and before 9 pm there is a late delivery fee. We do not deliver after 9 pm.
Yes. We try and meet you but sometimes we cannot ; like if you are have to be at the airport for 5 am or we are busy elsewhere. We will make the arrangements when we deliver the car.
Yes, everyone in the car is required by law to wear a seat belt. Children under 7 years are not allowed to sit in the front passenger seat. Children under 7 years must be in a child seat, either a baby seat or booster seat.